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Sylvia Komyatte Inspires with A Heart for Hospice

Sylvia Komyatte’s time for Hospice of the Calumet Area may be far less these days, but her devotion and impact are just as immeasurable as ever.

Komyatte’s journey with HCA began nearly four decades ago as she helped open the doors as one of our first volunteer staff members, serving initially as a nurse and patient companion in the early 80s.

“Sylvia’s faith and unwavering giving spirit is inspiring because she’s just a wonderful lady,”

said Cynthia Camp, HCA volunteer coordinator. “She knew how to be present for others and her kindness and compassion for people touched so many throughout the years. Sylvia has this thing for serving others that is etched in her being and she has served in just about every role here at Hospice of the Calumet Area. She was instrumental in laying the foundation for our organization.”

Sylvia’s always had a beautiful heart for the hospice mission. She impacted lives directly by her giving spirit and her compassion for her patients. In 1985, when HCA was focusing on building a spiritual program to acquire Medicare certification, it was Sylvia Komyatte, having attained her master’s degree from Loyola in pastoral counseling, who competently stepped forward to become HCA’s

first Volunteer Chaplain.

Sylvia Komyatte always resonated with Santa Clara University Professor of Counseling and Psychology Dr. Dale Larson’s reflection about end-of-life: “Because care of the body means nothing without first easing the soul. Hospice workers are not hired, they are called.”

Although Sylvia is currently battling some of her own health issues, that hasn’t stopped her from creating an endowment through the Legacy Foundation to ensure patients and families at HCA will continue to be supported.

Sylvia and her husband, Rich, will celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary this month. She is the mother of three children and eight grandchildren. She has always challenged and inspired them to use their time, talent, and treasure to help others at all costs. Her philanthropic heart will “continue to serve as an inspirational beacon of light” for countless others.

Pictured front and center, Sylvia Komyatte on a family vacation. Sylvia was an instrumental part of opening the doors to Hospice of the Calumet Area in 1981.

Damian Rico is the director of marketing and community relations for Hospice of the Calumet Area. The opinions are the writer's.

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